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What is Qonexa ?

Qonexa is a decentralized cryptocurrency or digital currency based on PoW/PoS technology. We are distributing a major part of our supply in our crowdsale going to end in 28th February. After it Qonexa mining, trading, staking and lending program will he open to all.

Why to invest in Qonexa crowdsale?

In this crowdsale we are giving the public chance to stay connected with us from the core and let them get any kind of information about us. In this crowdsale we are sharing everything with the public to make Qonexa a transparent platform. Here, you are getting different types of bonuses on the asset- Qonexa like bonus on tokens purchased, refferal bonus etc which you will not be able to get after the crowdsale. And also the rate of Qonexa is going to be fixed on a particular time period and minimal in the crowdsale and may be in the future after the crowdsale you will not ne able to get this chance.

How to get Qonexa support?

Currently we have our mail id that is support@qonexa.io on which you could mail any of yours problem. Soon we will be starting a helpdesk for the convinience of our customers where they can get the answers of all their questions and solution of all their problems.

What are Qonexa’s investment opputunities?

After the crowdsale we will be strting our Staking, Lending and Trading program from where you can earn profit by investing your Qonexa and soon we will be introducing such more investment programs to you.

Why to purchase Qonexa tokens from the crowdsale ?

Purchasing and holding Qonexa tokens from the crowdsale has some major advantages. They are-
*You will get a certain bonus token on your total purchased tokens in the crowdsale.
*Refferal bonus will generated and distributed among every member in system based on his/her refferals.
* You will get a lot of other benefits like you would be able to make much more profit in the Qonexa profit than the latecomers.

How to get help on different issues in Qonexa ?

For support from Qonexa on your issues and problems related to it at first you have to read our faq’s and check if your question or query related your issue is mentioned in it or not if no then you could consult to our team by using the E-mail facility. We will be soon launching a vast help desk where every member will find his/her problem, issue or query. Our mail id for support- Support@qonexa.io

Investment opportunities in Qonexa and their profits?

Some of the investment opportunities for our members will be started just after the crowdsale. These includes staking and lending Qonexa coin or token in the system or trading it in exchanges. Much more will be introduced accordingly with the time.

Making your account secure in Qonexa?

The steps each and every user can maintain security in his hee account is-
1. Not giving your login information to anyone through any source like e mail, sms, phone calls etc. who are using the name of Qonexa as Qonexa never asks you for your personal information un necessarily.
*setting a strong and complex password not known to anyone except you and make sire it is alphanumeric and is not similar to your name or email id.
* We have given a verification option in the dashboard where you have to submitt the photo of our any governmental id card containing our name, address and photo proof. Well, it’s not compulsory for every user to verify his/her account as it’s only for those persons willing to increase the security of their account.
If we still got reports from our customers with problems related to security we will make our best efforts to bring various features to secure the account of our customers.

How to begin investing ?

1.Deposite BITCOIN/ETHEREUM To The QONEXA Web Wallet.
2. Exchange It With QNX Tokans OR Coins.
3. Hold The Coins Till The End of ICO.
4. Invest Your QNX Token OR Coins In QNX Lending ,Staking,Trading or Mining.
5. Keep Investing QNX In Different Income Channels Provide By Us And Avail The Profit.

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